by Féminité Avenue

The little things I like about ‘us’

- being vegetarian… except for Burgers

- being unaffectionate beings but yet we have this irresistible need to hug and cuddle one another

- share laughters

- enjoy scaring you and what a priceless thing to see your face then (I’ll assume the ‘cost’ of doing this to you afterwards ;)

- I’ll give my shades away to you as soon as I find a new pair. Promise!

- holding hands on car rides

- how you fold my clothes

- your doodles and ‘2 massages for 1’ coupon is totally hilarious

- your coffee ‘button’

- waiting to watch Dexter with you & eating chocolate coffee ice cream with tea

- how we never cease to continuously inspire one another 

- always talking to each other (comm, phone, viber, anything else? should we try hand written notes)

- going to the beach til complete obscurity, watching the stars and the bright moon, sipping on wine, gulping on chocolates, and talking …

- when we look forward to have lunch together

- how you surprise me with some completely random french words 

- and NO, you are not too old, don’t dress funny, and yes you CAN learn french

- and also, I love you!

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"Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something."

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罪人 + 情人



罪人 + 情人

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 Rebecca Sather

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My story about coffee. You can find it via Stellar Stories.


My story about coffee. You can find it via Stellar Stories.

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